Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Times article comment

It surprised me to see that the Harvard study said that those students that got involved with an activity outside of their regular studies/classes were happiest. And among those students that worked outside of class, the students that did the best academically were the ones that volunteered as apposed to receiving wages. It makes me wonder what kind of people are the ones that volunteer. Are they harder working or do they come from a more privileged background or what?
Taking a mix or courses sounds good but does ASU offer such a thing as this. My courses are already laid out for me in a preplanned list of courses according to my major. A mix of courses might work for someone not certain of what they want to major in.
I think that some time before the end of the first semester of the freshman year there should be training on time management. I have not been in school for too many years to know if this is a stupid suggestion or not.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Important] Blog assignment for this week: How to be happy at a university...[Blog Response Required]

[This was sent on Friday; apparently the mail only got posted to the mail archive, but wasn't sent to the student
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 Among the many advice articles on college life, here is one that I have found to be interesting (probably because its number one advice 
is something about us faculty folks ;-).

Your assignment for this week is to read this article, originally from New York Times (it is just 1500 words), and post a comment on the blog 
(as a comment to this post).  Your comment should be at least 150words--but can be longer if you want. You can focus on which of the suggestions
the article provide were most surprising/helpful etc for you. You can also add other suggestions. 

We might discuss your comments bit in the beginning of next class. 


talk on Jeopardy winning watson...


They may do a bit of IBM propaganda on the side--but you might enjoy the interactive session with Watson.



[This was sent on Friday; apparently the mail only got posted to the mail archive, but wasn't sent to the student
email addresses or posted on blog. Thus this re-send..]

To those who missed today's class (or those who are planning to in future ;-)


 As I said in the first class, it is hard to get a bad grade in ASU101, and that one way you can manage is to 
skip classes. In other words, attendance is one of the few things that is *required* in this class. 

 Please do keep this in mind.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

[ASU101] Blog Introductions (Response on blog required)


 The class blog is open and you should have received invitations to join ASU101 blog. 

The URL of the blog is 

Before next Friday's meeting, you should sign on to the blog and post a  "comment" on the following first blog message and write your introductions 

1. Your name
2. Why you chose CS or Computer Systems major
3. What ares of CS/Computer systems seem to be of particular interest to you right now
4. Something interesting about yourself


Subbarao Kambhampati

ps: This message is going both as an email to you and will also be archived on the blog. Your responses have to be entered on the blog