Saturday, August 20, 2011

[ASU101] Blog Introductions (Response on blog required)


 The class blog is open and you should have received invitations to join ASU101 blog. 

The URL of the blog is

Before next Friday's meeting, you should sign on to the blog and post a  "comment" on the following first blog message and write your introductions 

1. Your name
2. Why you chose CS or Computer Systems major
3. What ares of CS/Computer systems seem to be of particular interest to you right now
4. Something interesting about yourself


Subbarao Kambhampati

ps: This message is going both as an email to you and will also be archived on the blog. Your responses have to be entered on the blog



  1. Hey Everyone!

    1. My name is Calvin Hedlund
    2. There are plenty of reasons I chose CS, but one of the main reasons I chose this major is because there are plenty of opportunities this career has to offer, and computers are becoming integrated within everyday society, so I want to help make an impact.
    3. I take interest in working with software, debugging, and the cooperative nature of CS
    4. I have a brother who has autism

  2. 1. Corben Kovacs
    2. I chose CS, because I've always had a strong interest in computers and this seemed like a good choice.
    3. I have no specific interests in CS yet.
    4. I have played soccer competitively my entire life.

  3. 1. Josh Miklos
    2. I chose CS, because I've been programming for a while, but I would like a more formal education instead of teaching myself stuff. I would also like to know the limits of what computers are actually capable of.
    3. AI, Networking, Graphics
    4. I used to go scuba diving in Washington, I have open water and dry suit certification so far.

  4. 1. Ryan Palach
    2. I chose CS because it's something i enjoy and I feel it will give me good career opportunities.
    3. I am really interested in the networking or software aspects.
    4. I am from a suburb of Minneapolis in Minnesota.

  5. 1. Sean Trejo
    2. I chose CS because I enjoy computers and I'm looking to be a part of this growing industry.
    3. I'm interested in the hardware, such as microprocessors.
    4. I'm a certified Line Service Technician.

  6. 1. Jose Garcia
    2. I chose CS because I thought I should do something I enjoy, and I like computers and the internet.
    3. I am interested in going into software or web development.
    4. The age difference between my youngest brother and I (oldest brother) is 19 years.

  7. 1. Matthew Dewyer
    2. I chose computer science because I enjoyed coding triggers and events for a few games and wish to pursue a similar course.
    3. As i said programming for games is the main area of interest but I am not afraid to divulge if i find interest.
    4. I love to draw. Here is a dragon i painted across a wall.

  8. 1. My name is Michael W. Gutierrez.
    2. I chose computer systems engineering because I love technology and computers and want to either fly UAV's or work in cyber defense someday.
    3. Right now I am most interested in the hardware of computers specifically the computing hardware such as the CPU and GPU.
    4. Something interesting about yourself is that I was home schooled almost all of my youth.

  9. 1. My name is Vittorio Schiaffino (I go by Vitto)
    2. I chose CS because computers have positively revolutionized the world and I would like to take part in that revolution.
    3. I am interested in AI.
    4. I just spent a week in Paris, France.

  10. My name is Dominic Landry and I chose CS to get a job in information security. That area of CS interests me. I am a veteran.

  11. 1. Michael Stewart
    2. I was raised around computers and I love learning more about them.
    3. There are many areas, I just haven't decided on one to focus on. I am interested in AI, programming, developing hardware/software.
    4. Something interesting about myself is that I played for a championship football team.

  12. 1. Dyan Abad
    2. Computers and technology have become part of our daily lives, and they're not about to become obsolete anytime soon. So I'm looking into a career in cyber defense.
    3. Currently, I'm interested in programming.
    4. I don't know how to swim.

  13. 1.Nick Steveson
    2.I've built several computers, and since I enjoyed doing that I decided to become a CS major
    3.I don't really know which area, programming is interesting,however i don't know very much.Gonna take in as much information as I can about CS, then decide
    4.I'm an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America

  14. 1.) Rogelio Quintanilla
    2.)I chose this major as a way to follow my family's path in computers. My father, brother, and a few uncles are in computer science so I wasn't surprised to be doing this.
    3.)3D programming right now is what really gets my interest. To be able to create models, objects, and anything that you could imagine is extremely amazing to me.
    4.)I've broken about 62 bones in my body at least 2 times each, some 3, very few to 4. Like my left 3rd bottom rib is one I broke 4 times.

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  16. 1. Cole Goodyear
    2. I've always been interested in computers, and I have a natural ability with them. They're going to be a huge part of the future so it's going to be a good skill to have moving forward
    3. Web development and software engineering
    4. I'm a transfer student from the University of San Diego

  17. [I post this now due to late invitation and problems in posting]

    1- My name is Abdulla AlBraiki.
    2- I choosed CSE major because I like playing with codes to make better products and solutions for problems. In addition, I want to invent new things in this area.
    3- I'm interested in making games.
    4- I made my first online game when I was 16 years old and now my game has over 2500 players.


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